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Since many decades Argentina has exported meat of superior quality to the demanding markets of the world. The Argentine meat has a natural and unique taste. It is a product that comes from animals fed with highly nutritious natural grass and in a healthy environment. Argentina is one of the great ecological reserves of the world. Wide green, pastures, diverse geography and exceptionally rich oil transform the argentine soil into a true treasure of nature. Patagonia Imports beef (vacuum packed, not frozen) every week from Argentina to guarantee a tender and special flavour in every served steak.

1. Lamb

Lamb Preparation Vacuum seal the lamb with the salt and pepper cook at 59 degrees (pink) for 2:30 hours, cool down and reserve for the time of serve, only grill to reheat the meat. Measure Ingredients 0.350Kg Lamb 0.005kg Salt 0.003kg Black pepper 0.010kg butter Pumpkin pure Preparation Peele the pumpkin and cook in oven (steam) 100 degrees until become soft, place in the blender together with the...

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Lamb - Patagonia

2. Tenderloin Steak 200

Preparation 4 tenderloin 200 GrWastage  434 Gr Measure Ingredients 1.234Kg Whole tenderloin 0.358Kg Head 0.188Kg Tail 0.618Kg Filet 0.070Kg Wastage

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Tenderloin Steak 200 - Patagonia

3. Quinoa Risotto, Parmesan Sauce, Parsley Sponge Cake, Mushrooms Sauteed and Leaves

Risotto Preparation Wash the quinoa in running water for 3 minutes and reserve.At the time of service cook the quinoa in low temperature with butter and add vegetable stock until the quinoa is soft.At the end when the quinoa is ready add the cream, parmesan cheese, mix properly with a spoon until give the texture of risotto and serve on the plate. Measure...

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Quinoa Risotto, Parmesan Sauce, Parsley Sponge Cake, Mushrooms Sauteed and Leaves - Patagonia


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